Pamela Kearny Patrick

Being and achiever was expected of me by my father. Both my parents were naturalized citizens and I, a first generation American. My British dad expected me to excell and the sciences were, to him, the only worthwhile field at the time. I did well and accepted the challenge, in the light that few women were headed in that direction.

Socially, the NY metropolitan area was highly competitive for graduating seniors. I found the southern students much less so. I was a product of “tracking” at my high school and took advanced placement courses. The group in which I socialized were all focused on college.

Financially, I was fortunate to receive a generous scholarship from the state and so, summer work paid for travel and other expenses with my parents filling in. As a junior, I received a small award from the science dept at MWC.

My main goal was employment in a field that would reimburse me for my ability and interest and use my talents.