• Assistant Professor P. L. Shew, Acting Chairman
  • Professor Alvey
  • Assistant Professors Dunnavant, Hook, Merchant* (*on leave of absence session of 1964-1965)

Welcome to the Education Program!

Although Mary Washington College offers no major in Education, the necessary courses for obtaining certification as a teacher in either elementary or secondary schools are available as electives to students majoring in other fields.

Students who wish to prepare for teaching in the elementary grades are advanced to take in the junior year Education 311-312, Elementary Education. Six credits in psychology courses other than General Psychology should be completed in the junior or senior years. (Recommended: Psychology 211, Child Psychology; Psychology 212, Adolescent Psychology; Psychology 213, Mental Hygiene; Psychology 331-332, Developmental Psychology). In the senior year, Education 440, Supervised Teaching, is offered each semester.

Applicants for certification to teach in the elementary grades in Virginia must present eighteen semester hours in English, including a course in Children’s Literature; fifteen hours in social science, including American history and a course in geography; six semester hours in mathematics; one course in art; and one course in music. Other courses recommended for prospective elementary teachers are government, school music, art, geography, history of Virginia, speech, philosophy of education, and suitable physical education courses.

For students who prefer a more highly specialized preparation for elementary school teaching, leading to the Bachelor of Science in Education degree, the college offers a special program in cooperation with the School of Education at the University of Virginia. (See Cooperative Program in Elementary Education, page 108).

Students who wish to prepare for teaching in secondary schools are advised to take in the junior year Education 321-322, Secondary Education, and Psychology 212, Adolescent Psychology. In the senior year Education 440, Supervised Teaching, is offered each semester. In addition Psychology 213, Mental Hygiene, and Philosophy 411, Philosophy of Education, are recommended.

Applicants for certification to teach in Virginia secondary schools must present six semester hours in mathematics and twelve semester hours in social science (political science, economics, geography, sociology, and history), including American history.

Courses offered:


  • Education 311, 312. Elementary Education. Contemporary issues in elementary education; the purposes and organization of the elementary school and its curriculum; subject matter content and instructional methods related to child growth and development; the teaching of reading; classroom management, and evaluation of pupil progress. Two single and one double period a week. Six credits. Mrs. Hook.
  • Education 321, 322. Secondary Education. Analysis of the role of the teacher; purposes and organization of secondary education in the United States; contemporary problems; foundation; supervisory positions; comparative education; sensory materials; detailed study of the learner; secondary school curriculum; methods and techniques of teaching with special reference to each student’s subject matter area; classroom management; procedures for evaluation; and preparation for supervised teaching. Two single and one double period a week. Six credits. Mr. Alvey, Mr. Dunnavant, Mr. Shew.
  • Education 331, 332. Principles of Teaching Home Economics. The principles, methods, techniques, and types of organization helpful in the development of a family centered program with emphasis placed on the secondary level and on the promotion and organization of adult programs. Three periods a week. Three credits each semester. Miss Jones.


  • Education 440. Supervised Teaching. Prerequisite: Education 311-312, 321-322 or 331-332. Orientation to teaching under direction of supervisors in public elementary and secondary schools of the Fredericksburg area; practical experience in classroom, laboratory, and field activities, as well as other aspects of the total school program. Other regulations governing acceptance into supervised teaching are found below. Offered each semester. Six credits. Mr. Alvey, Mr. Dunnavant, Mrs. Hook, Mr. Shew, Administrative and Teaching Staffs of the Fredericksburg, Stafford and Spotsylvania School Systems.