Mary Washington College offered a wide variety of majors for students to choose from. Here, you can explore the course offerings for four different majors in the academic year 1964-1965. These diverse majors give you some idea of the classes students took, how often those classes met, what students were learning and who their professors were. By having a look at the year right in the middle of the decade, we hope to give you the most average experience possible. This was the first year that the Course Catalog mentioned the end of the Home Economics program, demonstrating what was probably the biggest academic change of the decade. We have also included information about the education program, an important major in the history of Mary Washington, which was originally founded as a teachers college. In addition, majors in Chemistry and English highlight Mary Washington College’s goal of giving students an in-depth Liberal Arts education and providing women with the skills they needed to pursue the career of their choice.

               Home Economics